5 Places to Get Clothing for $5

I’ll let you in on a secret – my summer wardrobe is nearly double the size of my winter wardrobe.  This is partly because I enjoy putting on my ‘play clothes’ when the sun is still out (which I can’t often do in the winter) and partly because summer clothing takes up less space in my closet (so I can fit five summer shirts in the space that I fit 2 oversized winter sweaters). But what I really love most about summer clothing is the ability to buy cheap brand name clothes – without waiting for the end of the season sales.  (Incidentally, those sales are great too, but that’s a topic for another time.)

I admit that I don’t only purchase brand name clothing, but there’s something surprisingly thrilling about getting cheap brand name clothes.  If you haven’t ever experienced this thrill, there’s never been a better time.  And if you have…well…there’s always a good reason to stock up while the savings are hot.  Here are five places to get cheap brand name clothes for $5 – act now before the stocks are gone or the sales are over!

  1. Old Navy – I’ve never been dissatisfied with an item from Old Navy.  Their shirts wear well, their pants fit beautifully and their styles are always trendy.  Right now Old Navy has t-shirts, tanks and flip-flops on sale for $5 or less.  I suggest that even if you don’t need any of these items right now, you check out what’s available so that you can stock up for next year.
  2. Aeropostale – With their $5 t-shirts n’ tanks sale, Aeropostale makes it possible to look casual without looking cheap.  The downside with Aeropostale is that their selection is markedly more limited than that at Old Navy for similarly styled and priced clothing.
  3. Payless Shoe Source – Their BOGO free flip sale sounds like a great opportunity, since the company’s flip flops start at only about $6/pair, which means that if you get two, each one will be about $3.  This offer is only available in-store only until today (July 5th) and is good for women’s flip flops only, but I’m still hoping that next year they’ll offer men’s styles as well.  After all, women aren’t the only people who enjoy changing their shoes frequently in the summer!
  4. Children’s Place – If you’re a bargain shopper I’d be surprised if you haven’t yet stumbled upon the great deals at the Children’s Place.  Not only is this store a great place to find affordable children’s clothing, but they have frequent sales on their already discounted styles.  The best part is that Children’s Place products last for years so you don’t have to worry that if you buy these cheap styles you’ll be getting cheap quality.  Right now the Children’s Place has shirts, hats, shoes, shorts and underwear for under $5.  Stock up on gifts or spoil your own children…for that price, you definitely can!
  5. Target – The price range on clothing at Target varies, and I’ve found that the store often has better deals on women’s clothing (as compared with men’s clothing).  Still, I’ve recently found some great Champion products on sale for $5 as well as some Mossimo styles.

And, since I get all excited about great deals, here are a few more ways to save:

  • Shop in the store to avoid paying for shipping (or, look for free shipping).
  • Use Ebates.  If you’re not familiar with Ebates, I implore you to check it out.  Ebates is a great way to get cash back with every purchase.  The downside is that they only pay you four times a year, the upsides is that means you’ll get a bigger check.  It’s almost like a cash-back credit card, without the annual fee!
  • Buy now, return later.  I can’t even believe I’m writing this, since I really hate returning things…but if you’re not 100% sure about a specific item and the sale will soon be over, make sure that you leave your options open by making the purchase now and returning the item later if you don’t like it.  One of the worst shopping offenses is to pay full price on an item that was recently on sale.  Of course, you should check the store’s return policy before implementing this system.

Happy Saving,

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