Freebies & Deals for the Week of July 12

If you’ve been saddened by the lack of freebies lately, you’re not alone…I’ve been noticing that many free samples that have been offered recently are ‘sold out’ within hours of publication, and that many printable coupons for free stuff just aren’t honored anymore because of the abundance of fake coupons that are circulating these days.  Still, I’ve been able to compile a list of freebies that are available now (as of this morning), and I encourage you to pounce on them before these too vanish like a coupon in the wind.

Facebook freebies and coupons seem to be extremely popular these days, and many of them don’t even require you to ‘like’ the page.  You can, of course, if you want…but at least it’s your choice instead of a prerequisite!

  • Free sample of Dentyne Pure gum – I’m not extremely excited about the idea of mint melon gum, but I’ll pretty much try anything if it’s free…and who knows, maybe it’ll be the greatest thing since the invention of sushi (who would have thought that seaweed with raw fish would be good together?).
  • Free sample of Propel – The sample request form for this free Propel powder with calcium requires that you list a new activity that you plan to try this summer.  It doesn’t specify what type of activity, but it seems to hint that it should be something physical.  Does trying out a new computer game count as a physical activity?  I’ll let you know if I get my free sample!
  • $10 off a purchase of $10 or more at Famous Footwear – The upside of this coupon is that with dozens of pairs of shoes that cost under $20, you can use this coupon to get shoes for an unbeatable price.  If your local store lets you use this coupon on socks (the coupon does not specify what restrictions apply), chances are good that you can get something for $1 or less!  The downside is that it expires today, so you’d better hurry over to Famous Footwear now.

In addition to Facebook deals I’ve also located some other cool freebies that are worth mentioning:

  • Get a full rebate on a purchase of Neutrogena Clinical (SPF 30, Night or Eye) – Purchase the product by July 18th and complete the mail in rebate form for a full rebate up to $40.  You should receive your money back in 6-8 weeks.
  • Free sample of Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets.  I’ve already received (and used) my free sample of these Purex sheets, but now they’re available again, and I should really mention that they’re fantastic.  If you missed the first offering of this freebie, sign up now before the samples run out!
  • Free Blockbuster Express movie rentals.  Use codes GT16A, G417A or GT17A to get 3 free rentals during the month of July.

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