10 Places to Find Coupons

There’s no question that clipping (or printing) coupons can help you save big on your regular purchases, both at the grocery store and at hundreds of retailers nationwide.  But if you’re like most consumers, you’re probably hesitant toWhere to find coupons waste time looking for coupons or aren’t even sure where to get started.  The truth is, if you take a few minutes to look for coupons, you can probably find a coupon for nearly any item that you wish to buy.  And if you take a few moments to stock up on coupons for your next trip to the store, you can see instantly that you’ll save big.  Read on to find 10 places to find useful coupons.

  1. Sunday newspapers and weekend circulars. If you’re looking to save on gardening, home improvement or other services, Sunday’s paper is the best place to find deals on local services. But Sunday’s paper usually comes with a coupon insert as well, offering coupons on all sorts of items from shavers to sandwich cookies.  Take a moment to flip through the coupons looking for those that have a high value ($1 or more), or those that reduce prices on products you use regularly.  If you find anything interesting, don’t hesitate to ask your friends or neighbors if they want their coupons.  You may be able to score double!
  2. Coupon websites.  There are dozens of coupon websites that offer legitimate printable coupons.  Try coupons.com to get started, and once you’re used to the system, you’ll easily find others that fit into your lifestyle.  Target even has its own database of in-store coupons that you can print from its website and use on in-store purchases, which can be accessed here.
  3. On products themselves.  Sometimes products offer peel-off coupons or those that are tied onto the product, which can be used as an instant saving when you purchase the products.  Many times consumers think that they need to use detachable coupons for their next purchase, but in most cases they can be used to discount the original purchase.
  4. In the grocery store aisle.  Did you ever notice that your grocery store has little coupon dispensers that are hung in some of the aisles?  Check those out when you pass by, as they may be discounting an item that you purchase.  These coupons change regularly, so if you find a relevant coupon, don’t hesitate to use it.
  5. With your receipt.  At the grocery store it’s not uncommon for the cashier to hand you a coupon that prints out with your receipt.  These coupons are called Catalinas and can help you save big on your next purchase.  If you’re lucky, you can also receive coupons with your purchase when you buy things online.  I’ve seen many companies include a coupon code or discount off your next purchase on the receipt with your online purchase.  If you’re not accustomed to reading your receipts or packing slips carefully, now’s the time to start taking a better look.
  6. Search engines.  If you’re looking to make a specific purchase, why not look for coupons online simply by Googling the “product name coupon”?  You may be able to find serious savings, especially on things like clothing, electronics and music.
  7. On your cell phone. Yes, you read that right.  You can get coupons directly to your cell phone which can be scanned at checkout.  Try Cellfire.com for starters and see what you think.
  8. Facebook.  Is there a specific product or company that you really like?  Like their page on Facebook and you may find yourself finding exclusive coupons for Facebook fans only.  Some brands even offer coupons just as an incentive for you to like their page.
  9. Manufacturer’s websites.  Are you devoted to a specific brand of toothpaste or brand of shampoo?  Chances are good that you can find coupons on the company’s website that you can use to purchase their products.  Some companies even have fan programs that allow you to sign up to receive emails with coupons.  These coupons aren’t always the same as they are on the Facebook page, so it’s a good idea to sign up to them all.  Besides, having two coupons just means that you can enjoy double the savings.
  10. With free samples. Not only are free samples great, but they generally come with coupons too.  If you find offers for free stuff, as you may find on my Facebook page, make sure to sign up!

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