Ziploc Bags Be Gone! Reusable “Zipper” Sandwich Bags

The school year is officially upon us!  In addition to hours of the hours of homework that you’ll need to supervise, you’re probably also dreading snacks spilled and mashed in your child’s school bag.  But have no fear – I’ve recently stumbled upon an ingenious way to create your own reusable sandwich bag seals so that you can save money, the environment and your sanity all at once.  Now, if only every part of life was so easy!

Step 1

Take an empty water or soda bottle and cut the spout off.

Cut the bottle

Step 2

Fill a sandwich bag with the desired snack (and say goodbye to spills and messes!)

Cheerios in a sandwich bag

Step 3

Insert the opening of the sandwich bag through the open spout of the water bottle.

Step 4

Screw on the cap.

No Ziploc bag

Step 5

Recycle the rest of the water bottle.

Remind your children that the spout can be reused on other sandwich bags in the future so they should put the spout back in their bags when they’re done eating.

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