Moving for Cheap – How to Save Big

Unlike weddings, vacations or new cars, moving is an oft-forgotten expense, one that most people don’t save money for on a regular basis.  And with the chance that your move could cost thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars, it’s important to think about how you can save money on your move.  Follow these 13 suggestions to reduce your moving expenses considerably and to enjoy moving for cheap without sacrificing the quality of your moving experience.

  • Get multiple moving quotes. The first step in the search for a cheap move is to compare several moving quotes so that you’ll know with certainty that you’re getting the best possible price.  When interviewing your potential moving companies, make sure that you aim to…
  • Be transparent. If you know that your move will require special accommodations, make them known from the outset.  While you may receive lower moving quotes if you omitCheap Moving certain details about your move, rest assured that you won’t be exempt from paying these additional fees.  Knowing about them in advance will help you compare your price quotes more accurately.
  • Don’t be shy.   If you think that a potential moving company might be negotiable on the price, ask for a reduction.  Or, once you’ve received your moving quotes, try asking your favorite movers to beat the lowest price quote, and see if they’ll reduce their price.
  • Love it or leave it.  Don’t spend money to move anything that you don’t truly love.  You can move more cheaply if you’re moving a smaller load, so don’t hesitate to get rid of anything that you don’t truly love.
  • Pack by yourself. Moving companies will charge you a significant sum both for packing materials and for the time it takes to pack your belongings.  You can save a small fortune by purchasing your own packing materials and packing non-breakable items yourself.
  • Ask for help.  Asking your family and friends to help out with your move can be a great way to reduce the costs of the experience.  You’ll get to enjoy time with your loved ones without paying steep fees to your movers.
  • Drive instead of flying.  If you’re bringing your car with you, driving it instead of paying for a car shipper can save you significant amounts of money – especially if you’re moving with a large family.  If you’re moving to a place that is far from the nearest airport (like Chattanooga, for example), driving can be an even more practical and affordable option.  You can save more by mapping out the cheapest gas stations on your route.
  • Stay organized. When moving, it’s important to remember that time is money.  If you are disorganized your movers will have a harder time with the process, which will cost you money.  Even if you’re embarking upon a do it yourself move, staying organized can spare you from hours of frustration and wasted time.
  • Leave out the liquids.   Whether you’re a liquor connoisseur or simply can’t part with your collection of flavor extracts, you should think strongly before packing any liquids – especially those that are flammable.  Although most movers expressly prohibit transports of these items, many people assume that they know better, and moving with liquids can wreak havoc on your other belongings in the event that one of the bottles spills or breaks.  You’ll save the aggravation and expense of potential damages by leaving the liquids behind.
  • Move mid-week.  Most people prefer moving close to the weekend so that they have time to focus on the move or to recover.  But if you’re looking to move cheaply, consider moving mid-week, as movers are less busy at that time and are more likely to offer you lower moving quotes.
  • Move mid-month.  Another time that you can likely get cheaper moving quotes is the middle of the month, as most people try to move towards the time they pay their last rental payment, which is usually at the beginning or end of the month.  If you can swing a mid-month move, you’re likely to see substantially cheaper prices than you would at other times of month.
  • Skip the summer.  The summer is an extremely popular time to move because children are out of school and their learning won’t be disrupted.  If possible, wait to move until the fall or winter when movers are a bit hungrier for your business.  This hunger will be reflected in cheaper moving prices.
  • Cancel your utilities on time.  A commonly overlooked way to save money on your move is to make sure that your utilities will be disconnected on the day that you move.  Allowing these services to continue for even a day or two after you move will cost you money needlessly.  Make sure to cancel your utilities as of your moving date.

Good luck with your move!

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