Black Friday Deals 2010 Previewed (Part 2)

Black Friday may only be 24 hours long, but for someone with a long shopping list, a passion for saving, and ample patience, chances are good that you can cram way more than a day’s productivity into those few hours.  The best way to do just that is to plan your strategy in advance – and my goal is to help you do just that, by sharing the best Black Friday deals with you in advance, so you’ll know what shops to hit when.  If you haven’t seen my first Black Friday post, check it out here.  If you’re looking for more great deals, keep on reading – there are hundreds of deals to be had, but I’ve included some of my favorites below to save you the hassle of comparison pricing.  Enjoy!

Kohl’s (November 26th-28th) – Stores open at 3am on November 26th, and early bird specials are available until 1pm (while supplies last).

**Get $10 of Kohl’s cash for every $50 you spend on Wednesday, November 24th-Sunday, November 28th.  Credit can be used on purchases from November 29-December 6th.

Assorted jewelry with genuine gemstones – $9.99 and up.

Assorted slippers and slipper socks – $3.99-$13.99.

Assorted gloves – $1.99-$11.99.

Entire stock of shoes and boots – 30%-65% off.

Radio Shack – all purchases are interest-free if paid in full by January 2012.

AT&T Samsung gophone – $9.99 without airtime.  Cost is $2/day on days used for unlimited talk and text.

Samsung Bluetooth headset – $9.99.

Digital photo keychain – $9.99.

Satellite radio – $29.99

GameStop – stores open at 5am on November 26th.

3 free games with the purchase of a Wii or PS3.  Wii games include JustDance, Wii Sports, and Wii Sports Resort.  PS3 games include God of War I,II and III.

Wii Essential Gold Pack – $19.99.

Assorted sports games – $10 off.

B2G1 Free pre-owned games.

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