Hungry For Freebies? Get Free Stuff Here!

In recent weeks, I’ve received some interesting comments about my obsession with freebies.  I’ll spare you the details, but I’ll happily discuss the multiple reasons I love getting free stuff.  I’d be curious to hear if you have other reasons of your own – and of course, I welcome any and all rebuttals.  Here are the primary reasons why I request free samples whenever possible:

Financial value. The fiscal worth of large samples speaks for itself, but you may be surprised to learn that single-use free samples are also financially worthwhile.  Consider, for example, if a high-end hair product costs $6 per bottle.  If a bottle lasts approximately one month, you’re spending about 20 cents per use, making each single-use sample worth the same amount.  If you collect a bunch of samples each month, the savings will add up.  Of course, many free samples have more than one use, which increases their value exponentially.

Convenience. I love stocking my travel bag and backpack with samples so that I’m never stranded hungry, unclean or in pain.  Food samples are easy to pack and eat on the go, while medicine samples can come in handy at the most critical times.

Market research. It may be scary to spend money on a new product that you haven’t tried yet, but if you can try it for free, you’ll know whether that product is worth the money in the future.

Fun. With a mailbox that is frequently filled with bills, it’s refreshing to receive something fun.

So, what are you waiting for?

Request these free samples now before they’re gone!

  • Free EAS nutritional shake. I sure hope this energy shake tastes as good as it looks!
  • Free Red Strike energy drink. In typical fashion, this Facebook promotion requires you to like their page before you can get your free energy drink.  While you’re there, make sure to like my page as well so that you can get exclusive deals every day!
  • Two free tacos at Jack in the BoxFree tacos must be requested at Jack in the Box locations after 2pm on Tuesday, November 16th, so mark your calendars now.
  • Free sample of FIX tea. They claim that one serving of this tea has as many antioxidants as 137 cups of regular tea.  I can’t help but wonder if that’s actually a good thing….but it would be a poor marketing ploy if it isn’t…
  • Free Nicorette Fruit Chill Gum.  I received my free sample of this Nicorette gum this summer, but apparently it’s still available.  I don’t smoke, but I gladly passed it along to a friend who does – after all, the free full-sized pack of gum costs over $10.
  • Free SHOUT color catcher.  Not only are laundry freebies some of the highest-value freebies available, but they can also help preserve the life of your clothing, which is a valuable contribution on its own.  Make sure to sign up for this SHOUT free sample before it’s gone.
  • 50 free sheets of origami paper. This free paper can make a great free art project for your kids, and perhaps they’ll find a new hobby.  You may even receive it before the upcoming winter break so you’ll have an activity to do in your down time.
  • Free sample of Playtex Sport tampons. You’ll get 2 regular tampons and one super sport tampon when you receive this freebie.
  • Free sample of NasalCease (for nosebleeds). If you’ve ever stuffed a tissue up your nose, you’ll appreciate what a great product NasalCease might be (we can discuss further after I try it, of course).  And if you don’t have nosebleeds regularly, you may want to keep these on hand – just in case.
  • Free sample of Flint River Ranch pet food.  Choose between dog and cat food options.  Don’t have a pet?  Tell your friends who do!

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