15 Things to do in a Blizzard

Snowed in?  Wishing you were snowed in?  If you’ve been stuck at home for a while, you’re probably going stir crazy.  And if you’re not snowed in yet, you’re probably looking at your friends’ Facebook pictures and dreaming of an eventual snowy day off.  While snow might be great for a few minutes (or hours), those who have been stuck in a blizzard know how challenging it can be to be stuck at home with children for days on end.  While building a snowman would be an obvious activity, you’ve probably been there and done that.  If so, check out these creative things to do when it’s truly tough to get going.

  • 15 Things to do in a BlizzardToilet paper mummy races – Get the kids wrapped up in toilet paper from head to toe (leaving a space for the face, of course), and see who can race across the room the fastest – without breaking free of the wrapping.
  • Bake sale/cookie party – Bake whatever ingredients you’ve got in the house, then invite friends and neighbors to walk over for a treat.  Spread the word via community email list, Facebook andphone.  Sell the baked goods for charity or to defray your overhead costs.  Or, if you’re feeling generous, share your treats with anyone brave enough to face the storm.
  • Tackle your projects – You know that list of stuff you’d been planning on doing but never actually did?  Consider a blizzard like G-d’s way of telling you that you can’t leave your house until all of your bills are paid, your paperwork is organized and your clothing is put away.
  • Get a jump on your child’s homework – Your child’s report may not be due for another few weeks, but a snow day is a great time to make headway on the task (or to finish it entirely).  When you’re snowed in, there’s plenty of time for fun, so taking out an hour or two to do some homework should be tolerable (if not understandable).
  • Take a bubble bath – Few things are cozier than warming up in a long bubble bath when it’s cold outside.  Turn on some music, take in a book or just enjoy the tranquility of your alone time.
  • Start a gaming marathon – Choose a video game or board game, and start a marathon.  If you’re stuck alone, find an online game (my favorite? Bananagrams on Facebook), and play with strangers.
  • Order gifts online – If purchasing gifts is on your list of things to do, why not cross this task off by purchasing gifts online?  Since you’re not in a rush, take time to comparison-shop, search for coupons online or find a gift that’s awesome (instead of just ok).  If you need a bunch of gifts, look for an online store that offers free shipping, and see if you can get all of your gifts in one place.  At the very least, center on the items that you want to purchase and you’ll cut down your in-store shopping experience.
  • Pin the tail on the donkey – Who says you need a birthday party to enjoy party games?  Your kids will love the party feel even if it’s not birthday season.
  • Make papier-mache – Forgot to stock up on art projects before the storm?  Why not use materials you’ve got in your house, such as old newspapers which can be easily transformed into papier mache.  Find instructions here.
  • Catch up on YouTube clips – Haven’t seen the latest viral videos on YouTube?  Tired of being confused in a conversation? Here’s your chance to brush up on pop culture, and probably to laugh a bit too.
  • Create a ‘play’ and record it – Chances are good that your kids love putting on productions.  While you’re usually too busy to watch and enjoy them, now’s your chance.  Try to video the production so you’ll have great memories of your kids for the future.
  • Host a home scavenger hunt – Hide coins, wrapped candies or small trinkets around the house and let your children search for them.
  • Play indoor balloon-volleyball – Move the furniture, hang a string from one side of the room to the other (horizontally), and let the game begin!
  • Feed the freezer – If you have time, why not make dinners for the next few nights and freeze them until necessary?  Try soups, pizzas, casseroles…whatever you have ingredients for.  The kids will be entertained, and you’ll feel less stressed about making dinner.  As an added plus, the house will be warmed naturally by the heat of the oven or stove.
  • Start a blog – Do you have thoughts that you want to share with others?  If so, you’ll be a natural blogger.  Head on over to wordpress.com to get started.  Just remember to give me a shout-out when your blog makes it big!

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