5 Ways Rain Can Save You Money

The minute it starts raining, you can almost hear a collective groan rising up from the masses.  But actually, rain is a great friend of anyone who wants to save money.  I’d like to propose that if we recognize rain as a divine coercion to save money, we’ll be dancing in the rain instead of dragging our heels.  Below are five ways in which rain can save us all money.  Let’s take advantage of them next time the skies open up.

  • Reduced water bills. Few would argue that when it rains there’s no need to run your sprinkler system.  And while you may think that this expense is negligible, it can really ad up.  Providing your lawn with one inch of water takes slightly more than a half a gallon of water per square foot. In other words, every 10’x10’ area will require over 62 gallons of water. That doesn’t sound like much until you consider that a 100’ x 100’ lawn uses 6,230 gallons of water every time you turn on the sprinklers! In other words, the savings can really add up if you skip your sprinkler a few days per month.
  • Lower entertainment expenses.  In dry weather you may be tempted to get a babysitter and head out to a night on the town.  But in the rain, it’s often easier to rent a movie and snuggle up under the covers, which costs a fraction of the price of a night out.  Alternate indoor activities include a game night, video game tournament or pot-luck dinner with friends (at your house of course!), all of which cost less than a night out.
  • More fuel efficiency.  You can increase your fuel efficiency by nearly 15% if you drive at 55mph instead of 65mph.  When it rains, many drivers feel compelled to drive more slowly which can increase your fuel efficiency exponentially.
  • Reduced cooling bills.  Rain in the summertime is often cursed as a disruption of the season’s outdoor activities.  But in financial terms, summer rain can actually reduce outside temperatures which will enable you to use less power when running your cooling system.  Over the scope of a season, the savings stemming from summer rain can be considerable.
  • More affordable produce costs.  The prices of fruits and vegetables can increase three or fourfold during a drought due to a lack of produce from a limited crop.  Regular rain will ensure that crops can grow properly, and that supermarket shelves are always stocked with affordably-priced produce instead of meager, over-priced offerings.

So, next time you have the urge to complain about the rain, think about all the financial benefits that rain offers you.  Smile wide and enjoy as the savings pour down.

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