How to Plan a Royal Wedding For Less

Now that the hullabaloo surrounding Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton has dwindled a bit, fashion magazines and celebrity watchdogs are focusing on their wedding details – where will the wedding be held, what designer will she choose to fashion her gown, what types of flowers will she carry, and more.  If you’re planning your wedding now, you know just how important those details can be.  But just because you aren’t marrying royalty, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel like a princess on your wedding day.  I’ve taken a look at some spectacular royal weddings – and one royal wedding-to-be – and compiled some suggestions for how you can replicate royal wedding ideas on a commoner’s budget.   I would even like to suggest that your wedding can be even more enjoyable than a royal wedding, because you won’t have the press intrusion.

Vintage engagement rings – One of the most talked-about aspects of Kate’s engagement to PrinceSave money with vintage wedding jewelryWilliam was the engagement ring that she received, which previously belonged to Princess Diana.  There’s no question that Prince William could have afforded to purchase an exquisite ring of his own, but the fact that he chose to ‘recycle’ his mother’s ring makes a dual statement.  Firstly, budget-conscious couples should know that there is nothing wrong with saving money by reusing a family heirloom.  Secondly, there is a sentimental value in handing down a family ring that increases the value of the ring beyond its financial worth.

Royal tiaras – For those marrying royalty, chances are high that they’ll need to wear their wedding tiara again at some point in the future.  But while you may be marrying Prince Charming, you probably won’t have a reason to wear yours again.  So instead of spending money on a 40 carat diamond tiara (as Carrie Underwood did for her 2010 wedding to Mike Fisher), why not get a faux tiara for all of the glitz but a fraction of the price?  Faux tiaras cost $50 and up, but if you can manage to borrow one from a friend, it’ll be free.

Church wedding – Not sure whether you want to get married in a church (or other place of worship)?  Take an example from some of the most stylish royal couples, including Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe and Letizia Ortiz, Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik and Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, and England’s Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones.  Not only will your wedding have a royal (and holy) ambiance, but it’ll probably be cheaper than renting an exclusive wedding hall.

Design your own gown – Most royals design their own wedding gowns, and you can get the regal feel by designing your own.  Instead of having Valentino stitch it, have a local seamstress craft it for you.  A custom gown shouldn’t cost more than a gown that you bought off the rack (unless you choose yards of Chantilly lace or expensive embroidery).  In fact, it may actually be cheaper than choosing a designer gown off the rack and having it altered.

Skip the jewels – Royalty may have a lot of money, but that doesn’t mean that they choose to flaunt it.  If you peruse royal wedding pictures, you’ll see that most royal brides don’t wear flashy jewels, or that they don’t wear much jewelry at all.  Noticeably absent from most royal wedding albums?  Bridal necklaces.  Among the brides that decided that less is more?  Marie-Chantal Miller, who wed Greece’s Crown Prince Pavlos in a high-necked wedding gown, and Lisa Halaby whose wedding gown during her wedding to King Hussein Ibn Talal had gold embroidery near the neck, eliminating the need for extra baubles.

Good luck planning a gorgeous wedding (without overspending)!

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