Birthday Gifts Under $25 for Men

Following last week’s post about affordable birthday gifts for women, I’d like to give men the same attention.  After all, despite what you may think, sports gear isn’t an ideal gift for every man.  So, without further ado, here are 10 creativeMen's birthday gifts birthday gifts for men that cost under $25.

  • A Blog – I’ve only seen this done once, but let me tell you – it was a gift that was talked about between friends internationally because of its creativity and the publicity of the gift. If you have a friend that has always wanted to start a blog but hasn’t actually done it, registering their desired domain can be the gift of a lifetime.  And, assuming that the man in your life is seeking a relatively normal domain name, it’ll cost way less than $25 (at least for the first month).
  • Personalized Boxers – You may only think of boxers as underwear, but you should be thinking of them as a great gift! Personalized gifts are always appreciated, and personalized boxers are significantly more creative than a boring personalized t-shirt.  In fact, some might even say they’re both practical and adorable.
  • Personalized Shot Glass – While we’re talking about personalized gifts, personalized shot glasses are an uncommon but extremely popular gift, especially for men who enjoy drinking – or those who like to pretend that they enjoy drinking.
  • Camping Gear (and a camping trip) – There’s plenty of camping equipment that you can buy your man for under $25, including flashlights, folding stoves storage containers.  Give your man a night or two out with the guys (while you stay home to watch a movie with some friends), and you’ll be his favorite person for weeks to come.
  • Magazine Subscription – I suggested this as a great gift for women, but it’s ideal for men as well (as long as he didn’t already get it for you!).
  • Insulated Travel Mug – It doesn’t matter whether your man travels regularly – having his own insulated travel mug will ensure that his coffee stays warm between Starbucks and the office (and that it won’t spill all over him).  Some gourmet coffee shops even offer discounts (or larger servings) for customers who bring their own mugs, so this birthday gift may be one that really pays off.
  • Gourmet Chocolate – You probably think that expensive chocolate is akin to an overpriced Hershey bar, but you’ll likely be surprised at just how much more decadent it can be.  For $25 you may not be able to get much, but you’ll surely be able to find a generous serving for one or two.  Your birthday boy will be impressed that you shelled out money for something delicious and fattening.  Who says you always need to nag him about his weight?
  • Barbecue Tools – He’ll get to feel like the king of the grill, and you’ll get him to make you dinner.  Sounds like a great idea to me!
  • Regular Tools – It doesn’t really matter if your partner is handy with tools.  If you give him some tools, he’ll think you appreciate his talents, and he’ll appreciate you even more.
  • Video Game Accessories – If you have a video game console which isn’t yet outfitted in its entirety, additional accessories can make a great birthday gift.  Just make sure that you won’t mind when your partner is too busy playing to finish his chores…

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