Creative Women’s Birthday Gift Ideas for Under $25

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my birthday was on its way…and since its arrival is eminent, I figured I’d continue in the birthday theme, by writing about brilliant birthday gift ideas.  However, since men tend to have a harder time finding gifts than women do, I figured it’d be wise of me to start by suggesting some creative birthday gifts for women.  If you’re a woman who is seldom gifted, I suggest you ‘like’ this post so that your partner sees it and takes the hint.  And if you’re a man, I strongly recommend considering one of the gifts below.  Take it from me, you’ll be happy you did.

Birthday Gift Ideas

  • Fashion Watch – The woman in your life might already have a watch, but if she’s into fashion, chances are high that she’ll enjoy another one to make a different fashion statement.  Even better – she’ll remember you every time she checks the time.
  • Coffee Cup Warmer – As someone who absolutely hates lukewarm coffee, I can imagine that this would make a great gift for anyone who feels the same.  I’m suggesting this coffee cup warmer as a gift for women, but believe me, it would be great for any man too!
  • Photo Book – As birthday gift ideas go, this one is among the easiest to mess up, because men often miss the point (no offense).  A birthday photo book isn’t a celebration of last summer’s family vacation – it’s a celebration of the recipient’s life.  Ask the birthday girl’s family to contribute pictures from the past, and your woman will be inspired by the gift and by your efforts.
  • Mani/Pedi (or Just the Pedi) – A pedicure is a welcome gift for nearly any woman, especially if she has kids and you offer to watch them while she gets pampered.
  • Picture on Canvas – This gift will not only give you’re her home or office wall a lift, but it’ll warm her heart as well (sigh…but it’s true).
  • Movie Night with a Friend – Offer to babysit while you send your woman to the movies with the friend of her choice.  You’ll get to escape her preferred ‘chick flick’, and enjoy a night with the guys once the kids go to sleep.
  • Purse Holder – I don’t carry a purse, but I think that these inventions are truly ingenious.  Purse holders clip to the table so that women needn’t put their purses on the floor.  And best of all, they start at around $13!
  • Costume Jewelry – Any fashionista will appreciate another piece of stylish jewelry, and you can find some really nice ones for under $25 if you know where to look (hint, not at the flea market).  Browse through’s ample selection, or consider this chunky glass bracelet from
  • Gift Certificate – It may sound trite, but if your birthday girl is a bit of a careful spender (as some other people I know are!), she’ll really appreciate the ability to spend money freely, without worrying about her budget.  A gift certificate to the local mall, to her favorite department store or even to Starbucks can really allow her to cut loose (while you take all the credit).
  • Magazine Subscription – Most women find it hard to find time to read, but if the magazine arrives monthly, there’s no question they’ll make time to relax.  Magazine subscriptions are extremely affordable and they allow your birthday gift to ‘keep on giving’ all year long.
  • What’s the best inexpensive birthday gift you’ve ever given?

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