Great Gifts for Mom for $25 or Less

Mother's Day PresentsYour mother has invested time, money and energy into turning you into the person you are today.  But showing your appreciation doesn’t mean that you need to pay her back for all she’s done.  Instead, try one of these creative and meaningful Mother’s Day presents, and show Mom you care for under $25 bucks.

  • Personalized gel cell phone cover.  Sure, your mom can keep a picture of you (or your children) as her phone’s wallpaper – but that’s easy to change.  Your picture as a protective cover for her cell phone, however, is not as easy (or cheap) to change, and will remind her regularly how much you love her.  GelaSkins allows you to create a cell phone cover for over 80 models of cell phones, and prices start at only $14.95.
  • Personalized apparel.  If a personalized cell phone cover isn’t one of your favorite gifts for mom, why not try a personalized item of clothing?  There are many places to have t-shirts screened with a funny message or image, and to have clothing embroidered with a sentimental message (for example, Billy loves me!).  Put some thought into it, and your mom will truly appreciate this Mother’s Day gift.  (Helpful hint – buy your own clothing item on sale and bring it to a personalization company instead of buying their clothing to save money).
  • Bamboo plant.  Even women who aren’t good with plants will be able to maintain a bamboo plant, which has long been considered a token of good luck and an important element for those who appreciate the concept of feng shui.  A bamboo plant will last for years when watered once weekly, and may even live up to the standards ascribed to it.
  • Mommy cards.  If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift for a new mom, mommy cards may be just what you’re looking for.  Your friend, sister or daughter who is a new mom can use mommy cards to organize play dates, some of which may be even more valuable than any gift money can buy.  Try using a standard business card printing company such as VistaPrint, as designated mommy card companies charge more for the same product.
  • Computer game or Apple app.  If there’s a computer game that you love, why not get a copy for your mom so that you can play together online?  I know mothers and children who live in different states or continents who play games against each other regularly.  This can be a great way to stay connected and to keep the fun in the relationship alive.
  • Interesting bathroom book.  Many harried mothers can’t find much time for reading (unless you count reading children’s books).  In fact, a private moment in the bathroom may be the only time some mothers have to themselves.  A new bathroom book may be just what mom needs to decompress in her spare time, and it’ll definitely be one of the cleverest Mother’s Day presents she gets!
  • Prepared dinner for the family.  Most mothers I know dread making dinner for their brood because it requires not only forethought, but time and energy for both preparation and cleanup.  If you know a mother with children at home, making dinner for the family can be the best Mother’s Day gift ever.  (Warning – she may expect the same gift every year from now on).

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