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Kate Middleton - Royal Money Management

Photo Credits: Harper's Bazaar

If you were one of the millions of people who tuned in to watch the royal wedding live last week, you’ll know that they spared no expense in creating a fairytale event.  But don’t be fooled – just because the royal wedding was exceptionally lavish, doesn’t mean there aren’t financial lessons to be learned from the event – and from the newlyweds’ lifestyle. We already know that Prince William saved big by giving Kate his mother’s engagement ring.  Here are some more lessons I’ve taken from Kate Middleton.  What have you learned?

  • When it comes to guests, less is more. Sure, the royal wedding ceremony included over 1,000 invited guests, including dignitaries from across the globe.  But when it came to the reception dinner, only 300 people attended.  Limited budget?  Unlikely.  Desire to share the event with only their closest friends and relatives?  Probably.  If you’re planning a wedding and need to cut back on your guest list, just tell your friends that you’ve learned about wedding planning from Kate Middleton – and make sure to invite everyone possible to the ceremony.
  • It’s ok to borrow.  Contrary to some rumors, the Queen did not bequeath Kate the tiara that she wore to the wedding.  Instead, she lent it to the bride.  Next time you need jewelry for an elegant event, why not ask around?  Perhaps a friend or relative has exactly what you need.
  • Off the rack rocks. It’s no secret that First Lady Michelle Obama has been sporting clothing off the rack everywhere from state dinners to her appearance on Oprah.  And now Kate Middleton is among the celebrities wearing off the rack clothing, most notably in her first post-nuptial appearance, when she was photographed wearing an H&M dress.  Why spend more on designer clothing, when you can look great, feel more comfortable and save big by wearing commercially-designed clothing?
  • Don’t pay for delivery. Only a few days after the wedding, Kate was spotted grocery shopping in her North Wales neighborhood.  Although she can afford delivery, and may even be busy acclimating to her new life, she skipped this expensive convenience.
  • There’s nothing wrong with renting. I don’t know him personally, but I’d venture a guess that Prince William can surely afford to purchase a home for his new bride.  Or, at the very least, that he’d be eligible for a nice mortgage.  And yet, the couple chooses to live in a rented farmhouse.  Is this because they aren’t sure where they’ll want to settle down?  Is it because they aren’t ready to be homeowners?  You and I may never know, but I can say with certainty that if renting is good enough for royals, it is surely good enough for us common folk, and there should be no embarrassment or pressure to purchase a home beyond your means.

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    clever observations! and true, indeed!

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