Free Summer Concerts, Bowling and More

Free summer events 2011With the last day of school looming, now’s the time to confirm your summer schedule and get the kids excited for the weeks ahead.  I recently wrote about some free summer activities that you can do anytime, which prompted some of my friends to ask about free summer events which are often sponsored by some of the nation’s retail giants.  Here are some of the 2011 summer freebies available for children of all ages (and their parents).  Enjoy!

  • Cultural Events Sponsored by Target – All year long Target sponsors cultural events in cities nationwide, and the summer is a great time to take advantage of these events if you haven’t done so all year.  Depending on where you live, you can enjoy free museum entrances, concerts and theater performances.  Click here to find free events in your area.
  • Entrance to National Parks – On June 21, the National Parks Service is offering free entrance to national parks to celebrate the first day of summer.  Many national parks never charge an entrance fee, making them an excellent option for exciting, free summer activities.  But those that do require an entrance fee will be free next week, so take advantage if you can.
  • Bowling – As in year’s past, kids can enjoy up to 2 free games of bowling each day, courtesy of Kids Bowl Free.  Advance registration is required, so make sure to sign up now.
  • Concerts – Dozens of cities nationwide are offering free summer concerts.  I’ve kicked off your search with the free concert schedules in the cities below, but making an effort to find some in your area can really pay off.
  • Buffalo



    Los Angeles

    New York City


    San Diego

    San Jose

  • Summer Reading Challenges – There are always a plethora of summer reading challenges for kids that offer prizes to kids who read a certain amount of books.  My favorites include HeBuddy, Barnes & Noble and the TD Bank summer reading program.
  • $1 Movies – Instead of being free this year, Regal Cinemas is offering $1 children’s movies on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at participating theaters.

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