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April Shopping Guide – What to Buy Now

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

With taxes due, holidays to prepare for (or recover from) and rampant spring fever, April is always a busy month. But you should never be too busy to take advantage of April shopping opportunities – especially when April deals are involved. The month is only half over, which means that you still have two full weeks to take advantage of some great April deals. If you’ve been holding off to replace your appliances or to take a trip, take a look at the April shopping guide below and determine if now is the time to step up to the plate.

  1. Refrigerators. If you need to replace your old refrigerator or just want a spare to store your overflow cooking, you’re in luck. AOL Shopping reports that new refrigerator models hit the shelves in the spring, so if you’re looking for a great deal, shop for last year’s model and you should enjoy significant savings.
  2. april-vaccum

  3. Vacuum cleaners. According to Home Appliance Magazine, new vacuum cleaner models come out in June, so many stores try to clear out their inventory beginning in April. If you’re up for some comparison shopping, compare your favorite brands and save big on your new vacuum cleaner.
  4. Kitchen accessories. In anticipation for the upcoming wedding season, many stores begin to lower their prices on kitchenware and household gadgets. Don’t hesitate to stock up on wedding gifts during your April shopping excursions so that you’ll have a stash for any winter weddings that may come up.
  5. Travel deals in April. If you’re flexible about traveling and are just waiting for the right opportunity to come along, it’s worth checking out some of the best travel deals in April. Needless to say, April is not a peak travel season, so it’s possible to find deals to most places. Virgin America is having a sale now, if you purchase before April 19th. Southwest is also offering cheap tickets, if you book by April 15th. I’ve also seen some great prices to Europe and on various cruises, so start looking fast if you want to take advantage of these offerings.
  6. Organic products. Because Earth Day is on April 22, many companies use April as an opportunity to offer discounts and promotions on their organic products. Among my favorite organic deals this month: Newman’s Own new coupons and some great Whole Foods coupons.
  7. Veggies. April’s cheapest vegetables include artichokes, broccoli, beets and green beans. If you like any of these vegetables, now is the right time to start your diet!
  8. Candy. Easter is over, Passover is a memory, and now is a great time to hoard holiday candy that is being sold at reduced prices. It doesn’t matter if you eat chocolate eggs after Easter – they may even taste better when you know they were cheaper.
  9. Real estate. Moving to Houston? Los Angeles? Anywhere? April is a good time to buy, as houses begin to go on the market in anticipation of the peak spring/summer season, and your options will expand exponentially. If you find something you like, bid early – competition will increase as the spring progresses, and you don’t want to enter into a bidding war with other potential homeowners.
  10. Winter clothing. If you’re a bargain hunter like I am, you’ll be able to find shocking prices on winter essentials, from boots to leggings to sweatshirts. Keep an eye out for coupons that can be partnered with sales for unbeatable savings. I’ve found children’s winter coats for under $10 and hat/glove sets for about $2. Stock up as baby gifts or purchase what your children will need next year.

New Deals for the Week of April 11th

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

save-AprilIf you’re reading this article on Sunday or Monday morning, you may be feeling that this week started just  like every other week.  You work, you sleep, you play, you sleep…kinda just like every other week.  But there are 2 reasons why this week is unique (hey, that rhymes!):

1- Taxes are due.

2- There seem to be more new deals this week than usual, which means that even if you discover that you owe money to Uncle Sam, you’ll be able to save money moving forward.

I’ve chosen my 20 (yup, TWENTY!!) favorite new deals, but if you think there are any important ones that I’ve left out, please leave me a comment!

New Coupons:

1- Take 25% off at Babies R Us (and get a free reusable tote while supplies last).  This new deal is valid unitl April 22.

2- Save $3/1 Tucks pads (in some stores, this can mean it’s free!).

3- B1G1 free entrees at Panda Express – good until April 21.

4- Here’s a 15% off coupon for Kohl’s, good today only.

5- Here are some great new coupons from Rubbermaid.

6- Interested in organic food? Check out the Earth Month coupons from Whole Foods and save big.

7- Get 2 free travel size products from Bath & Body Works when you purchase 1 full size Signature Collection product. Good until April 13.

8- Take 30% off H&R Block premium tax preparation software (if you haven’t filed yet, this can help!).

9- Here are great coupons for Excedrin products (for headaches, migraines, body aches and other discomfort).

10- Here are some valuable Visine coupons (check out the anti-itch drops if you’ve got allergies like I do!).

New Freebies:

1- Get a free sample of Uncle Ben’s whole-grain rice, in either Chicken Medley or Roasted Garlic flavor.  (Note – this link may be down at some points, but it’s definitely worth trying back!)

2- Get a free sample of a chocolate cream flavored EAS Myoplex energy drink. This one may not expire until 2011, but it’s worth registering now, before they’re all gone.

3- Get a free sippy cup from Juicy Juice.

4- Get a free Land O’Lakes butter with olive oil when you purchase a product from a competing brand.  (Now that’s certainly an interesting marketing strategy!)

5- Become a fan of Einstein Bros. Bagels on Facebook, and get a free bagel every Friday between now and May 22.  While you’re there, become a fan of to receive new deals, coupons and giveaways).

6- Get a free potty training DVD from Pull-Ups.

7- Snag this free potty training kit from Pampers.

8- Get a free guitar pick holder and 5 black picks from Prodlix.

9- I ordered my free photo book from HotPrints (with free shipping, they didn’t even ask for my credit card information!)…they are still offering them, so if you haven’t made one yet, now’s the time!

10- Use coupon code APR10BD to get free shipping from Snapfish, today only.  (If you’re planning on ordering heavy items like Mother’s Day mugs, now might be the time!).

Great New Coupons & New Freebies

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

It’s only 6 days into April, and I’ve already heard about lots of great new coupons and new freebies.  Some older deals are still going on, so I’m including some less-than-new coupons in this list as well (and, of course, if you haven’t seen them, they’re new to you!).

April-freebiesNew coupons:

Get $1 off any Jamba Juice All Fruit smoothie with this new coupon.  Good until April 10th.

Check out Nexcare’s new coupons for great savings on first aid products.

Save $1 on General Mills cereals (plus, check out the other great coupons from

Use coupon code GA13A4 to get a free movie rental at Blockbuster Express, until April 12th.

If you like magazines, you’ll love these great magazine deals at Amazon on favorites like SmartMoney, Redbook, O, and Esquire.

New freebies:

Get a free kids meal (for kids 12 and under) every day in April, with purchase of an adult entree at IHOP.

Get a free Chavrie goat cheese by joining the Love of Goat Cheese club (Don’t love it yet?  Take advantage of this freebie and see if Cupid’s arrow will strike you.).

Snag a free signature shower gel (a $10.50 value) from Bath & Body Works with a $10 purchase.  Good until April 18th.

Get 20 free 4×6 photo prints at Walgreens on April 7th only. Or, use this new coupon to get a free 8×10 print at Walgreens on April 9th (of course, if you’re like me, you’ll use both!).

Enjoy a free 20 oz. coffee at Holiday Station stores with this new printable coupon.

Get a free sample of Breathe Right strips (personally, I use them to stop my snoring, but are also great if you have a cold).

And here’s one for the road – next week is National Parks Week, and entrance to all 392 national parks is free.  Plan your trip today!

This Weekend's Best Coupons & Free Stuff

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Can you believe that this is the last weekend of March?  Where does time fly?!  That means that a full quarter of 2010 is (nearly) over, and that it’s time to file taxes again (groan).  But with the anticipation of determining how much money you owe, you can also figure out how much you can save by taking advantage of coupons and deals that are going on now.  Here are the best coupons I’ve found this weekend (and some great ways to snag free stuff). Check ‘em out!

couponsBest Coupons:

30% any single item at Old Navy.  Good until April 4.

- $1.50 off bedroom pillows at Target. While you’re there, see if you can enjoy the 20% off Circo bedding for another great deal.

- Buy 2, get 1 free Chobani Greek yogurt (you can print up to 3 coupons for extra savings).

- Save $2 on Renu contact lens solution.

- Buy 1, get 1 free Panini, sandwiches and wraps at Earthfare.

Free Stuff:

- Get  10 free personalized skin care samples from SEPHORA if you’re a Beauty Insider.  If not, sign up here to take advantage of this deal and others!

-Free Blockbuster Express Rental Codes:

G2U13B4 – Valid only on 3/31/10
GY131 – Valid through 3/31/10

- Buy One Get One Free Blockbuster Express Rental Codes:
NEWMOON – Valid through 3/28/10
GN13B4 – Valid through 3/29/10
555G13B -Valid through 3/31/10

- Get a free Special K protein meal bar (and a coupon!) here.

- Get a free 8 x 10 picture on canvas from the Canvas people (and get a $55 gift certificate too!).

- Get 50 free photo prints at See Here.

- New members get 50 free photo prints from Snapfish.

And finally…if you’re looking to snag a great travel deal, there are some pretty good sales going on this week (but you’d better act fast!):

Virgin America has coast to coast fares for only $129 each way, and closer flights are even cheaper.

Spirit Airlines is having fares starting at $9 each way…if you’re a member of their $9 club.  Good until tomorrow, so join now!

Your Money-Saving March Shopping Guide

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

There’s no question that March Madness is around the corner, but if you ask me, the madness will result from a fantastic March shopping spree, not some sweaty college guys running around the basketball court.  You may be surprised to learn that there are plenty of March deals, even though they aren’t as obvious as Christmas sales or end-of-season blowouts.  I’ve taken some time to compile a list of the best deals in March so that you will know what to buy in March while the savings are in peak season.

Did you know that March is frozen food month?  It may seem odd, since it’s still cold in many places, but you can get great deals in March on tons of frozen goods, and you can sock these away for busy weeknights or lazy summer evenings.  Here are some of my favorite finds:

- Save $1 on two Pillsbury Savorings products and BirdsEye Steamfresh varieties

- Save $1 on 3 Boston Market frozen entrees

- Save $1 on Bagel Bites

You can also expect to get great deals on fresh produce in March on products that are coming into season, including:




Horseradish (interestingly, just in time for Passover)







march-savingsOf course, if you’re in the market for bigger ticket items, there are some other great March deals that you should be aware of.  March is a good time to buy a house, for example, because it’s before the summer rush, and sellers may be desperate to unload their property sooner rather than later.  And, of course, because fewer people are looking to buy real estate at this time of year, you’ll have less competition on the homes that interest you.

If you’re looking for clothing, you can likely find great March deals on winter clothing, and you can hide your purchases for next year.  This arrangement works particularly well for buying children’s clothing and children’s gifts which are always good to have on hand.  Just last week, my mother bought OshKosh winter coats on sale at Syms for $5!  (Now you know who honed my aptitude for finding deals).  In March you can also find great prices on ski equipment that you can enjoy in future ski outings.

March is also a great time to purchase luggage,as falls squarely between winter break and the summer rush, and many luggage and travel stores are eager to drum up some business.  Luggage can also make a great wedding or graduation gift, so if you are already planning your summer calendar, you may want to take advantage of some of these great March deals.

Finally, March is a great time to buy a boat since merchants are often looking to unload last year’s stock and make room for this year’s models.  Much like you can find great prices on cars in August and September, March is the best time to find a great price on the boat of your dreams.

Have you found any great March deals that made your day?  Leave a comment and spread the savings!

Try These Birthday Clubs & Birthday Freebies for Kids!

Monday, January 25th, 2010

birthday_freebieEver wonder why kids love birthdays so much?  I’m guessing it’s for the same reason adults love birthdays- because of all the attention and gifts that they get.  But as a parent, children’s birthdays can be expensive and challenging, as the endless demands for gifts and parties increase exponentially each year.  The good news is that with the array of birthday freebies and birthday clubs that you can subscribe to for your children, you can defray the expense of birthday season while still enjoying lots of gifts and the spoiling of your children.  I may not be 5 years old anymore, but  I’m pretty sure that I can still tell which birthday freebies will be most popular with today’s kids.  Here are some of my faves:

  1. Toys “R” Us Geoffrey’s birthday club- for kids who love making a big to-do about their birthday, there is no better birthday club around!
  2. Baskin Robbins birthday club- free 2.5 oz. scoop of ice cream for your kids’ birthdays (or for yours!).
  3. Olan Mills- What better way to mark another year gone by than with birthday freebies from a fantastic photographer?  Your child can get a free portrait package during birthday season, and parents can enjoy additional savings on reprints.
  4. Denny’s- Why should your child have only a free dessert, when he or she can have a whole free entrée plus dessert?
  5. Bob Evans Restaurant- Need another excuse to party?  Enjoy birthday freebies at Bob Evans.
  6. Boston Market- Children get a free birthday meal, but their website is currently under construction.
  7. The Children’s Place- Get discounts on cute children’s clothing around their birthdays when you join the Children’s Place birthday club.

Where to Get Free Stuff on Your Birthday

Monday, January 18th, 2010

My birthday is coming up, and even though it’s not until February, I’m already starting to feel the excitement (and the bittersweet recognition that I’m yet another year older).  And so, as I start to prepare for the big day, I’ve been thinking about how I can take advantage of my birthday to enjoy birthday freebies and other birthday giveaways.  Many birthday freebies aren’t things you can just show up for- you need to register in advance- and whether your birthday is next month or not for another year, there’s no harm in signing up for as many birthday giveaways as possible- then you can celebrate your birthday for weeks!

While there are hundreds of places to get free stuff on your birthday, here are some of my favorites- and I’d be thrilled to hear about some of yours too!

  1. Free entrée at Houlihan’s.
  2. birthday_freebies

  3. Get a free ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery (my absolute favorite!) if you join their birthday club.
  4. Friendly’s offers a free 3-scoop sundae for members of their birthday club.
  5. Benihana’s Japanese restaurant provides a $30 gift certificate to be used during the month of your birthday.
  6. Free dessert at the Hard Rock Café (who doesn’t love a free dessert?).
  7. If you have a registered gift card at Starbucks, you can get free stuff on your birthday- and by that, of course, I mean a cup of great coffee.
  8. Aveda gives away different birthday free stuff- within 28 days of your birthday.  Right now they’re giving away a sample of Carribean Therapy Body Crème.
  9. With Sephora’s Beauty Insider Club you get points for each purchase plus a gift for your birthday.
  10. Get a free meal for your birthday at Tony Roma’s (definitely try the ribs!).
  11. Free dinner up to $15 at Lone Star.

And, of course, while it’s always fun to get free stuff on your birthday, it’s also great to get free stuff on your kids’ birthdays- stay tuned for my next post that will offer 10 more ways to get free birthday stuff.

It's Not Too Late to Enjoy Online Dating Deals This Season

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Are you nervous or sad because you’re about to spend the holiday season alone?  Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend who hasn’t yet found that special someone?  Either way, I’ve got the solution to your problems (don’t I always?!)- why not take advantage of online dating deals NOW, so that you can find your companion before the holidays arrive?

As it happens, is offering 3 months for the price of 1. For around $50, you can give yourself or your friend what is potentially the best gift on earth- the gift of love.

You may never have thought about online dating as a viable way to meet the right person.  But Chemistry is different because it offers technologically-based matching which is designed to offer more relevant matches than online dating sites that allow singles to search for their own partner.  online datingChemistry allows users to view up to 5 potential matches a day.  Just think about it- with 15 days until New Years, that’s 75 potential suitors, and only one of them needs to be of interest.

If Chemisty isn’t the ideal online dating service for you (or the friend you’re thinking of), you can consider gifting online dating memberships to other sites. offers a gift membership which is around $110.  Likewise, offers a 3 month gift membership option which can be purchased only by calling their customer service center.  Don’t be afraid to read online dating reviews before you make your selection so that you can make sure you’re choosing the best service for you or your loved one.

There are millions of singles looking for love online- and it’s not too late for you to become one of them.  Why spend the holiday alone when you can take advantage of some great online dating deals while taking control of your future?

Happy Dating,