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This Weekend's Best Coupons & Free Stuff

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Can you believe that this is the last weekend of March?  Where does time fly?!  That means that a full quarter of 2010 is (nearly) over, and that it’s time to file taxes again (groan).  But with the anticipation of determining how much money you owe, you can also figure out how much you can save by taking advantage of coupons and deals that are going on now.  Here are the best coupons I’ve found this weekend (and some great ways to snag free stuff). Check ‘em out!

couponsBest Coupons:

30% any single item at Old Navy.  Good until April 4.

- $1.50 off bedroom pillows at Target. While you’re there, see if you can enjoy the 20% off Circo bedding for another great deal.

- Buy 2, get 1 free Chobani Greek yogurt (you can print up to 3 coupons for extra savings).

- Save $2 on Renu contact lens solution.

- Buy 1, get 1 free Panini, sandwiches and wraps at Earthfare.

Free Stuff:

- Get  10 free personalized skin care samples from SEPHORA if you’re a Beauty Insider.  If not, sign up here to take advantage of this deal and others!

-Free Blockbuster Express Rental Codes:

G2U13B4 – Valid only on 3/31/10
GY131 – Valid through 3/31/10

- Buy One Get One Free Blockbuster Express Rental Codes:
NEWMOON – Valid through 3/28/10
GN13B4 – Valid through 3/29/10
555G13B -Valid through 3/31/10

- Get a free Special K protein meal bar (and a coupon!) here.

- Get a free 8 x 10 picture on canvas from the Canvas people (and get a $55 gift certificate too!).

- Get 50 free photo prints at See Here.

- New members get 50 free photo prints from Snapfish.

And finally…if you’re looking to snag a great travel deal, there are some pretty good sales going on this week (but you’d better act fast!):

Virgin America has coast to coast fares for only $129 each way, and closer flights are even cheaper.

Spirit Airlines is having fares starting at $9 each way…if you’re a member of their $9 club.  Good until tomorrow, so join now!

Why Wait? Get Free Stuff Now!

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

By now you know that I love to find great deals on everything that I pay for…but I also love getting stuff entirely free.  While I can’t get my entire gas bill for free (yet!), I delight in the ability to find free stuff and to use these items to replace things that I would otherwise purchase.  I sign up for all sorts of free food samples, for example, which saves me from needing to purchase other snacks. Sometimes, however, I just love to get free stuff just for the sake of getting free stuff.  For example, last week I ordered free pearl earrings for my niece.  It wasn’t her birthday or anything, but it was a deal that I couldn’t refuse.

brands Facebook is a great place to get free stuff online.  Many companies offer free giveaways for becoming a fan of their page, and sometimes they even offer occasional coupons or other deals for their fans.  Here are some great Facebook giveaways that are going on now. While you’re at it, become a fan of on Facebook to get up-to-the-minute updates about great deals and freebies.

Hope you enjoy getting all this free stuff online!

Firstly, here are some that are good today (Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17) only:

  1. Become a fan of Baja Burritos and get a free burrito. The fan page lists full (easy) instructions listing how to get your free meal.
  2. Become a fan of Redbox movie rentals and get a free rental.
    And here are some Facebook giveaways that are ongoing (but may end at any time, so sign up now!):
  3. Become a fan of Ritz crackers on Facebook and get a free sample of Ritz Munchables Pretzel Crisps.
  4. Become a fan of Physicians Formula on Facebook and get a Buy One Get One Free coupon worth up to $19.99 on their entire makeup line.
  5. Become a fan of Nescafe and get 6 single serving samples.
  6. Become a fan of Vaska herbal detergent and get a free sample.  Unlike most giveaways, this is a two-step process. Become a fan and then sign up for the sample.
    There are also other free giveaways going on in March, so mark your calendars:
  7. Free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s is on March 23rd from 12-8pm.
  8. Target and Kodak are giving away free 5 x 5 ¾” photo books until March 21st. New members also get 50 free prints.  Use coupon code TGTFREEBOOK during checkout to get this free stuff online.
  9. Get a free sample of Lever 2000 soap.  This giveaway is offered by Costco, but Costco membership is not required.
  10. Playtex and Kotex are both offering free samples in March.  The Playtex sample comes with 3 tampons, while the Kotex sample comes with samples of 4 different products. Two Kotex samples can be ordered per household, so don’t hesitate to sign up for extra free stuff.

Your Money-Saving March Shopping Guide

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

There’s no question that March Madness is around the corner, but if you ask me, the madness will result from a fantastic March shopping spree, not some sweaty college guys running around the basketball court.  You may be surprised to learn that there are plenty of March deals, even though they aren’t as obvious as Christmas sales or end-of-season blowouts.  I’ve taken some time to compile a list of the best deals in March so that you will know what to buy in March while the savings are in peak season.

Did you know that March is frozen food month?  It may seem odd, since it’s still cold in many places, but you can get great deals in March on tons of frozen goods, and you can sock these away for busy weeknights or lazy summer evenings.  Here are some of my favorite finds:

- Save $1 on two Pillsbury Savorings products and BirdsEye Steamfresh varieties

- Save $1 on 3 Boston Market frozen entrees

- Save $1 on Bagel Bites

You can also expect to get great deals on fresh produce in March on products that are coming into season, including:




Horseradish (interestingly, just in time for Passover)







march-savingsOf course, if you’re in the market for bigger ticket items, there are some other great March deals that you should be aware of.  March is a good time to buy a house, for example, because it’s before the summer rush, and sellers may be desperate to unload their property sooner rather than later.  And, of course, because fewer people are looking to buy real estate at this time of year, you’ll have less competition on the homes that interest you.

If you’re looking for clothing, you can likely find great March deals on winter clothing, and you can hide your purchases for next year.  This arrangement works particularly well for buying children’s clothing and children’s gifts which are always good to have on hand.  Just last week, my mother bought OshKosh winter coats on sale at Syms for $5!  (Now you know who honed my aptitude for finding deals).  In March you can also find great prices on ski equipment that you can enjoy in future ski outings.

March is also a great time to purchase luggage,as falls squarely between winter break and the summer rush, and many luggage and travel stores are eager to drum up some business.  Luggage can also make a great wedding or graduation gift, so if you are already planning your summer calendar, you may want to take advantage of some of these great March deals.

Finally, March is a great time to buy a boat since merchants are often looking to unload last year’s stock and make room for this year’s models.  Much like you can find great prices on cars in August and September, March is the best time to find a great price on the boat of your dreams.

Have you found any great March deals that made your day?  Leave a comment and spread the savings!