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How to Stop Wasting Money

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

save-moneySaving money takes effort, thought and sacrifice – but wasting money seems to be something that just happens, whether or not we want it to.  And, wouldn’t you know it?  Since we all tend to waste money without thinking about it, we can also train ourselves to subconsciously avoid wasting money, a process which can save a considerable amount of money throughout the year.  Using these tricks will prevent you from wasting your money and will allow you to save it for the future.  Or, at the very least, a deliberate splurge.

  1. Avoid convenience stores. They may be convenient, but boy are they overpriced!
  2. Research big-ticket items. You’ve known for months that you want that Wii – surely you can wait another day or two before purchasing it, so that you can find the best price, right?
  3. Use coupons. If you ask me, paying full price is akin to wasting money.
  4. Take water with you. You may be surprised to learn that spending money on beverages is one of the most common ways to waste money.  A soft-drink on the run or at a restaurant can cost 5 times (or more) as much as it would at a grocery store.  And, of course, water is FREE!
  5. Stop paying credit card fees. With so many free credit cards available, why pay money to spend it?
  6. Avoid ATM fees. With a bit of advance planning you can wander near a bank-owned ATM which will eliminate ATM fees (for most banks).
  7. Use fabric napkins and rags. Even if you’re not concerned about the environment (which perhaps you should be), you can enjoy being ecological by skipping the paper napkins and paper towels, which cost (um, waste) up to $3/month.
  8. Wash your own car. The waste of money in this case is obvious.
  9. Skip the extended warranty. It sounds like a great way to save money, but chances are you won’t need it.  And even if you do, servicing most products is similar in price to the warranty, so you’re not really losing money.
  10. Create your own greeting cards. Everyone loves a funny Hallmark card, but you can create an equally heartfelt card for free.  Why waste money on a piece of paper that will get thrown away?

And, since I truly hate when people waste money, here are 3 more ways to stop wasting money:

  1. Cancel unused memberships. Why pay for the gym that you’re not using?
  2. Buy knockoffs. There’s no need for a real Gucci when you can have a purse (or necklace) that looks nearly the same for a fraction of the price.  Do you really care if it has the Gucci logo, or are you buying it for the style?
  3. Switch to a VOIP phone. This internet-based telephone can stop you from wasting money on a monthly basis and is especially great for international phone calls.