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Get Free Stuff for Your Children’s Good Grades

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

gradesIf you want to reward your child for working hard and succeeding in school this semester, you’re not alone. A handful of chain stores nationwide are celebrating your child’s achievements by offering freebies to those who have earned commendable grades. Why not show your children how proud of them you are by letting them enjoy some of the great free stuff that is being offered? Here are some ways to praise your child’s accomplishments without spending a penny.

  1. Krispy Kreme (my absolute favorite brand of donuts) is offering a free donut for each A on your child’s report cards, up to six. If you’re adventurous, let your child try out his (or her) six favorite flavors, or get a half-dozen to share with the entire family.
  2. Blockbuster video stores are offering a free video rental (available any day of the week) for students who have an 80% (B) average or higher. You must present your child’s report card within 30 days of issuance in order to take advantage of this freebie.
  3. Children who have earned at least 3 As on their report card can get a free personal pan pizza and a small drink at Pizza Hut. This offer is valid for dine-in only.
  4. Interstate Brands Companies (IBC), the maker of Hostess cakes and Dolly Madison products is rewarding students with a free snack cake. In order for your child to be eligible, you must print the company’s achievement certificate and have it signed by your child’s teacher. Then, take the certificate to your nearest IBC outlet store to snag your free cake.
  5. Chuck E. Cheese will give your child up to 15 free tokens for receiving good grades (though what these are aren’t specified on the chain’s website). This offer is valid with a food purchase only.

It’s been rumored that participating Baskin Robbins stores are offering a free scoop of ice cream to students with good grades, but I haven’t been able to confirm exactly what is considered a ‘good grade’. I suggest calling your local store to see if they’re participating in this year’s free ice cream promotion. Likewise, I’ve heard that McDonald’s offers a free Happy Meal to kids with As and Bs on their report card or those with fewer than two absences. While I have not been able to find a reliable advertisement for this giveaway from 2010, the offer may still be valid. If your kids will be happy with a free Happy Meal, you should definitely call your local McDonald’s to see if they’re offering this freebie.

There are also several other chain stores that offer freebies in exchange for good grades, but these deals vary by area. I’ve confirmed that in Alabama, for example, Cold Stone Creamery offers children from K-5th grade a free ice cream if they bring in a good report card. It’s definitely worth checking out whether your local store offers the same deal. Here are some other chains that offer good grade freebies that vary by location:

Rita’s Ice

Graeter’s Ice Cream



Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

Enjoy your freebies and your children’s good report cards – and don’t hesitate to save this page for next semester so that you can celebrate future accomplishments with your child. Making a tradition of rewarding your children for their hard work is a great way to foster good study habits and create happy memories that they’ll take with them into their future academic careers.

6 More Freebies, by Popular Demand

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Since yesterday’s free samples by mail generated such a frenzy, I figured you’d want another chance to fill up your mailbox.  Once again, I’ve tested all of these freebies to make sure that they’re still available.  But I urge you to sign up now, as most of them are only good while supplies last!  Here are 6 more freebies that I hope will make you smile.  If you come across any others, please let me know!


  1. Free sample by mail of Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner. What’s great about this freebie is that you can choose from Intensive Repair or Daily Moisture.   It’s only a shame you can’t order both!
  2. Free pair of panties at Lane Bryant. Back by popular demand, Lane Bryant is once again giving away a free pair of panties.  This time, no coupon is required.  The offer is good until Wednesday, May 19th (or while supplies last, so head on over there now).
  3. Free sample of eb5 anti-aging face cream. It’s probably not a good idea to wait until you’ve got wrinkles to use anti-aging face cream…why not try eb5 for free and see if you like it?
  4. Free First Hug baby blanket. I’ve got to admit that I’m not quite sure what the novelty of this baby blanket is, but if you’re an expectant mother you might like it.  Or, if you know an expectant mother, pass this deal along.  Sorry, if you’re not pregnant, you don’t qualify for this freebie.  The good news is that you can choose between white, blue and pink baby blankets.
  5. Free digital subscription to Mothering Magazine. If you’re looking for interesting (and sometimes provocative) articles about parenting that you can share easily with your friends, you’ll love this free subscription to Mothering Magazine.
  6. Free museum entrance(s), courtesy of Target. Just one more reason why Target is one of my all-time favorite stores – they’re sponsoring free museum entrance and cultural events throughout the country.  Check for events in your area here.